NERCOMP Event on ‘EDU-Hacking’

"Dark Light"

If you live within range of NERCOMP (The NorthEast Regional Computing Program), then you might be interested a professional development event on November 13: “EDU-Hacking: Using the Tools and Tactics We Have to Address Our Challenges”. Here’s the description:

Folks at the intersection of technology, teaching, and learning have many aspirations but rarely the budget to go with it. Therefore, to stay relevant, accessible, and engaged in a digital learning, we often find different shortcuts, hacks, and strategies to address the problems we face. Inevitably, this takes different shapes at different institutions; however, we don’t often have an opportunity to share back and learn from one another on how we can use technology in the ways that we need, even if that’s not necessarily how it is intended to be used.

This workshop mixes the sharing of tools and strategies by the presenters with the opportunity to work in teams and find ways of improving outcomes for different challenges that the attendees face. Participants will walk away with a larger network of edu-hackers, specific technological hacks, and some strategic ideas about future problems they encounter.

It’s a group effort spearheaded by Brandeis’s Lance Eaton (Hey . . . <checks notes>I’m one of the presenters! Well then you should definitely come!)

The event is at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Norwood, MA, on the 13th. Say hello! We’ll have fun. There are learning outcomes and everything, and we all know how nothing says “fun” like “learning outcomes”!!

Photo “♪♫ Dark light….Come shine in her lost heart tonight! ♫♪” by Flickr user Nikk / Creative Commons licensed BY-2.0